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| Rupture and Residue
| Bridge Song | Conflux | The Wild Edge | Listening to Skin |
Rupture and Residue
an interdisciplinary artists residency incorporating cross-cultural exchange.
documentation in progress
Bridge Song
"An inspired fusion of sound, image and movement"
Mary Ann Hunter, RealTime

"Striking images that are capable of communicating volumes of meaning instantaneously"
Anna Rice, Local Art
"How could I possibly want to be anywhere else? That hour of beauty is enough."
Sue Gannon, Arts Nexus

"Bonemap, keep pressing the boundaries of contemporary art making...strong direction underpins both screen and performance."
Nicholas Mills, KickArts Newspaper
The Wild Edge
"The atmosphere these artists created was exquisite"
Stephanie Briarwood, Barfly

"Both the music and dance were unsurpassed"
Narelle Reece, Cairns Post

"Performances of this bold, seamless multimedia presentation were a
Nicholas Mills, RealTime

"This was a hideous work excellently presented, rather like a well-wrapped gift, the contents of which turned out to be some bloodied flesh."
Larry Ruffell, Canberra Times

"Those of us expecting to see a ‘dance performance’ filled with movement and narrative had our expectations blown out of the water"
Kathryn Favelle, Muse
Listening to Skin
"Our boundaries so intricately illuminated for us in art"
Julie Goodall, RealTime