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. The Bonemap project is a hybrid mesh of live art, visual art and new media framed by an overarching ecological philosophy. Bonemap’s hybridisation is a rupture that renders the cracks between artistic disciplines overt, revealing fluidity where we expect to find the static. A creative intermedia arts partnership between Russell Milledge and Rebecca Youdell, Bonemap often works in collaboration with other artists.

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Bonemap Projects

Bridge Song 2003
Intimate, thoughtful and engaging, ‘Bridge Song’ leads its audience on a journey over bridges’, through the lens of urban and environmental ecology. The work seeks to illustrate the fragile relationship between humanity and its environs with images linking visual and aural statements in a performance discussion politicising a body and surround. The performance explores awareness of environmental sensitivity through metaphors of a ‘bridge’.

Conflux 2001
A contemporary art project providing networks for cultural exchange. Bonemap hosted a residency for performance, installation, multimedia and a forum with artists from Singapore, Brussels, and five emerging Cairns based artists. It involved practical development and fieldwork. Commissioned by Kick Arts for Fed on Arts Festival, Cairns 2001. DVD new media installation and principal artists of Conflux toured to Chapter Arts Centre, Cardiff UK for Experimentica 02 Festival, 2002. Conflux was developed in collaboration with performer George Chua Khim Ser (Singapore), sound artist Jim Denley (Sydney/Brussels), and emerging artists Christian Green, Charmaine Hart, Lisa McClymont, Hayley Warren and Christine Williamson. Practical development and fieldwork - Tanks Art Centre, Undara Lava Tubes, Emerald End Artcamp, Fitzroy Island. 2001.

Asialink Residency 2001
Bonemap's residency at The Substation in Singapore, lasted four months from April - July 2001. The first interdisciplinary residency ever awarded through the combined visual arts and performing arts panels of Asialink. Presentations during the residency include ' One Degree North' performance season and gallery installation, 'Spore' video installation at The Substation; 'New Image New Way' visual art exhibition at Plastique Kinetic Worms Gallery; 'The Wild Edge' repertoire performance at The Australian High Commission. In collaboration with artists George Chua Khim Ser (Singapore), Misumi Suzaki (Japan), Francis Ng (Singaporoe) and Lim Tzay Cheun (Singapore) 2001.

The Wild Edge 2000
An immersion into Tropical North Queensland’s environment through collaborative performance, multimedia, exhibition, installation and sound composition. The Wild Edge toured to The Australian Choreographic Centre, Canberra; Tanks Art Centre, Cairns; Next Wave Festival, Tokyo; Tokyo International Performing Arts Market; Umbrella Contemporary Arts, Townsville; L'attitude 27.5° Festival, Brisbane Powerhouse, 2000. The Australian High Commission - Singapore, 2001; and was part of the Asia Pacific Triennial of Contemporary Art III outreach program 1999. In collaboration with artists Glen O’Malley, Silent Beat: Michael Whiticker and Paul Lawrence. Outreach R&D Magnetic Island with Lee Wen (Singapore/Japan) 1999.

Chapter Arts Centre ‘Experimentica 02’, Wales UK; Asia Pacific Next Wave ‘Choreography Today’ festival; Tokyo International Performing Arts Market; World Dance Alliance, Japan. Multimedia Arts Asia Pacific and ‘Latitude 27.5’ contemporary dance festival Brisbane Powerhouse; ‘Worms Festival II’ Plastique Kinetic Worms; New Criteria, The Substation- Singapore; Kick Arts ‘Fed on Arts’ Contemporary Art Festival - Far North Queensland; Ausdance Australian Youth Dance Festival ‘Creating Performances’ – Armidale; ‘Palimpsest #4’ The Mildura Art Centre.

Brisbane Powerhouse, Umbrella Contemporary Arts, The Australian Choreographic Centre, Tanks Arts Centre, The Substation (Singapore)

AN Creative - Japan, Arts Queensland, Ausdance – Australia National Dance Council. Australia Council for the Arts. Cairns Base Hospital. Brisbane Powerhouse, City of Cairns, Department of Natural Resources. Kick Arts Collective. North Queensland X-Ray. Regional Arts Development Fund. Qld Parks and Wildlife. The Artist Village. Townsville City Council, Umbrella Contemporary Arts. Asialink, Australian High Commission - Singapore, Lee Foundation National Arts Council - Singapore and Australian Network for Art and Technology

Artist Talks
James Cook University. La Salle-SIA College of Fine Arts. Northern Territory University. Creative Industries – Queensland University of Technology

‘Body Weather Farm’ Hakushucho, Japan, August 1999 – Dance Hakushu festival and workshop, ‘Time_Place_Space 1’ Charles Sturt University, Wagga Wagga, Australia, September 2002 - hybrid performance incubator.

R u s s e l l M i l l e d g e
Russell Milledge is a creative professional whose practice is motivated through interdisciplinary and intercultural collaborations focusing on performance and media design. He has received numerous awards across the array of performing arts, new media and visual arts. These include: the first Asialink interdisciplinary residency; a Silicon Studios Training Centre scholarship in 3D animation; an Australian Network for Art and Technology bursary in Multimedia Summer School; a New Media Arts Fund Time_Place_Space 1 performance residency.

Russell is a principal design artist and partner in the contemporary art group Bonemap who has toured visual, media and performing arts projects throughout parts of Australia, Asia and the UK, since its inception in 1999.

As a principal and collaborating artist Russell has contributed to many creative projects including presentations at: the Adelaide Festival and Adelaide Fringe Festival; Dance Hakushu; The Rondo Theatre; Tokyo New Wave; Tokyo Performing Arts Market; Cairns, Townsville, Alice Springs and Adelaide Airports; The Tanks; Performance Space; The Gunnery; Lake Mungo and Magnetic Island National Parks.

He has been the curator of thematic exhibitions for the Institute of Modern Art, Queensland University Art Museum, Kick Arts and Plastic Kinetic Worms.

Russell's visual art practice has been presented in solo exhibitions and group shows that have toured to Umbrella Contemporary Arts; Perc Tucker Regional Gallery; Queensland Art Gallery; Cairns Regional Gallery; Mildura Arts Centre; Brisbane Powerhouse; The Substation; Australian High Commission Singapore and Chapter Arts Centre. He is represented in the collections of Queensland Art Gallery and Cairns Regional Gallery.

Russell has been a volunteer committee member of Queensland Artworkers Alliance, Cairns Regional Gallery Policy Reference Committee, Cairns City Council Arts and Cultural Advisory Committee, Kick Arts Collective and Far North Cultural Industries Association (Arts Nexus). He has also been a consultant for Crafts Queensland, Perc Tucker Regional Gallery, Cairns Digital Media Arts Alliance, Queensland University Art Museum, The Tanks Art Centre, Garft'n'Arts and Ausdance.

He has been a teacher in the Visual Arts Department at Cairns TAFE, a tutor in Creative Industries at Queensland University of Technology and employee of The Australian Museum.

R e b e c c a Y o u d e l l
Rebecca Youdell is a choreographer and performer working via site-specific interdisciplinary collaborations involving multimedia, installation, performance and intercultural exchange. Born in Edinburgh, Scotland, Rebecca studied movement in Australia, USA and UK attending the Royal Ballet School in London, and working with the Royal Swedish Ballet Company in Stockholm. She has a BFA (Dance) - cum laude high honours from Butler University (USA) 1992 and an MA (Visual/Performing Arts) from Charles Sturt University (Aus) 1998. Rebecca has toured and performed work in the USA, UK, Scandinavia, Asia and Europe and received numerous awards both in Australia and overseas.

Choreographer and performer, Youdell is a partner in Bonemap. Her palette of traditional ballet and contemporary dance sees an inquiry into image work, technique/form and improvisation practice. Interest in collaborative projects developed through participation in the 'Linkage Leakage' project (1996) 'Pendulous Urge' (Tanks, 'Antistatic Dance Festival' The Performance Space 1997) 'Traversing Sense' film / performance (1997) 'URGE' (Tanks, Adelaide Fringe 1998), and 'Transfer/Tranship - BAGGAGE' (1996 - 2001 Cairns, Townsville, Adelaide Festival).

An Australia Council Emerging Choreographers Initiative enabled research and development for the interdisciplinary 'Garden of the Gods' project (1998), and dance-film 'Eden Flesh Against Earth'. This led to 'Listening to Skin' performance, black/white photographic exhibition, multimedia. (1998) Rebecca has diversified her practice to integrate media through collaborations with the Bureau of Meteorology and the use of medical diagnostic imaging technology, x-ray and ultrasound. Performance and movement language with/for the camera through video and photography. Multimedia web and sound based works linked with an understanding of media manipulation.

Professional development includes attending the Body Weather Farm and Artcamp Hakushu festival (Japan 1999) with assistance from Arts Queensland; a fellowship at The Australian Choreographic Centre (Canberra 2000); ANAT’s ‘Alchemy’ hybrid performance lab as an emerging new media artist (Brisbane 2000), the first Asialink interdisciplinary residency hosted by The Substation (Singapore 2001); Ausdance’s ‘Creating Performances’ workshop (Armidale 2001); and The Performance Space’s ‘Time_Place_Space 01’ interdisciplinary arts residency (Wagga Wagga 2002).

Rebecca is currently on the management committee of Ausdance Qld. and a member of the Australian Neywork for Art and Technology.

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