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Art & Technology: Online multimedia
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Environmental and ecological monitoring
Medical diagnostic imaging

Bonemap has developed an online presence through domain name registration <>. Information and context has been integrated into an efficient interface design. Visitors have options to join a discussion group, seek the latest update or complete online subscription forms. The website is an archival space and also a preview space. Products and merchandising can be ordered. Critical reviewers and publicists can locate and download full resolution promotional material.

Website tracking allows comparisons, and evaluation of online promotion and marketing strategies. We have also been approached to design online material for Aboriginal Communities, Cultural Organisations and individual events. We are also constantly asked to provide consultations and technical services and have been selected as feasibility consultants for the 'Cairns Digital Media Arts Alliance' an initiative of key cultural and arts education entities in that region.

Interactive Cd Roms and DVDvideo titles are available and an integeral component of a projects development. These includes archival visual and text based material from field trips, performances and individual arts practice. They also contain anecdotal and eclectic research material.

Bonemap has created dance screen titles for distribution to film festivals and for projection during live performance, installation, forum and seminar presentations. 'the wild edge' has been screened at The Australian High Commission - Singapore, LaSalleSIA, The Substation, Queensalnd University of Technology, Northern Territory University, James Cook University in Townsville, the Choreographic Centre in Canberra, The Tanks Art Centre, Kick Arts Gallery, Umbrella Studio, Cairns Celebration of Film, Alchemy, Multimedia Arts Asia Pacific Festival and Brisbane Powerhouse. Bonemap video work is offered to broadcasters for evaluation and potential screening as well as dance screen festivals and multimedia festivals. We see screen-based works as a central and galvanising medium, being able to incorporate diverse artistic engagement. We have found screen-based works versatile in delivery, being both scalable in content and viewing/projection size.

Bonemap seeks to engage in environmental issues with a critical or technical reponse. Global electronic data collection and direct experience of field trips allows relationships between built environments and remote ecosystems to be observed.

The Urban network is also investigated for contrast.

Bonemap maintains a studio and production facility in Tropical North Queensland with networks to cultural and environmental operations. We would like to further develop relationships between art and environmental sciences, using remote data collection and translations into choreographic and installation practice.

Bonemap 'the wild edge' dance performance utilises over 300 medical x-rays in a curtain. Used as a screen with some similar properties as a scrim. This artistic device is flexible in configuration for both shape and size. Cairns Base Hospital and North Queensland X-Ray Services provided the X-Rays.

Ultra Sound captured on video added another layer of electronic architecture representing the body. It was used in 'the wild edge' screen production.

The diagnostic imaging equipment was used on our own bodies; this was recorded onto video and included audio probes. This was facilitated through North Queensland X-ray Services.

Various thumbnail examples can be viewed on 'the wild edge' section of this website.

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