Singaporean artist George Chua Khim Ser began his career as a performer working and touring with the performance group Metabolic Theatre Laboratory (MTL) led by Zai Kunning. George's inspiration for his performance work in dance and theatre derives from his MTL training and the approach of Butoh dance. His solo and collaborative work sees him engage site-specifically with many group shows such as The Artist Village projects "Artists Investigating Monuments" and "Bye Bye Albert", Plastique Kinetic Worms "Worms Festival II", and most recently in collaboration with Bonemap with Misumi Suzaki for live and filmic work "One Degree North" at The Substation Alley and "The Wild Edge" at the Australian High Commission. George is a musician who works with ethnic and electronic instruments, composes and performs music for theatre and film, and has released an experimental electronic music album "Freedom cannot be Organised" under the pseudonym "My Third Ear".
Currently working in Belgium, Australian musician and sound artist Jim Denley has a special interest in collaborating on site-specific events and performance installations with visual artists. Jim works with the group Machine for Making Sense - Rik Rue, Amanda Stewart and Stevie Wishart to explore the relationships between language, text, speech, sound and music. Their interests lie in new uses for old technologies and incorporating new technologies to create hybrid electro-acoustic instruments. Jim has worked extensively throughout Europe and Australia in numerous festivals, collaborative works and in a solo capacity.
Russell Milledge has received prestigious awards across the fields of visual arts, digital media and performing arts. His performance work has been focused around dance and multidisciplinary collaborations. Russell is well known for his involvement with Kick Arts inc. in Far North Queensland. His visual art practice is represented in the collections of The Queensland Art Gallery and Cairns Regional Gallery amongst others and has been recognised through major industry awards including an Asialink residency to Singapore.
Russell is principal artist and designer with the contemporary art group ‘Bonemap’ which has toured visual and performing arts projects extensively throughout Australia and parts of Asia, and is presently researching components through an award from the New Media Arts fund of the Australia Council.
The environment is a stimulating force in my mind. Tropical Australia provides insight into the identity of the Asia Pacific region in which we reside. Immersion into the landscape echoes the transience of the body and cultural resonance. Investigation of body, movement and environment through projects - Garden of the Gods, Listening To Skin, Eden Flesh Against Earth (film) and Bonemap ‘the wild edge’ explores metaphoric and semiotic understandings, and forces the translation through interdisciplinary and collaborative site-specific performance. Collaboration came about through a desire to build upon performance and choreographic techniques acquired through exploring form and essence. As a choreographer, the accessible nature of creating through mixed media emphasises the ephemeral via land marking of social and natural history. Rebecca Youdell is a contemporary choreographer and performer working via site-specific interdisciplinary collaborations involving multimedia, installation and performance.
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