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Light Moves is a world of performance, colour and projection reflected in the calm waters of Lake Placid, a broad stretch of the Barron River in Far North Queensland. The lake is a Djabugay storywater place. The narrative is told through an animation of Yirrganydji/Djabugay artist Bernard Lee Singleton's painting of creation motifs specific to the location projected across the water onto the rainforested gorge. The site is an environmental reserve that borders the Barron Gorge National Park and the World Heritage Listed Wet Tropics. Lake Placid is a tranquil body of water with a natural amphitheatre, sealed pathways and a wooden platform that projects over the lake surface.

Through the medium of new media art, dance, and music, the experiential evening event Light Moves is crafted by exceptional local and international artists. Featuring a series of episodes moving between shimmering Indigenous rock art adapted for animation and projection, roving light performers, integrated art installations, live musicians and Indigenous dancers.

Audiences can enjoy the stunning natural ambience of Lake Placid while experiencing its transformation through stories, music and dance. Journey along the bank of the Barron River for an intimate encounter with the living spirit of this Bama story place. The event is supported by the hospitality of Alessandro's restaurant, which overlooks the lake and provides a bar and dining in immediate proximity to the event.

Bernard Lee Singleton (traditional owner, visual artist)
Miriki Performing Arts (dance)
JCU Creative Arts Students (animation)
Merindi Schrieber and Naurita Briscoe (song)
Bonemap - Rebecca Youdell (dance) and Russell Milledge (animation, projection design)
66b/cell - Mariana Verdaasdonk (dance) and Tetsutoshi Tabata (animation, projection design)
Clinton Freeman (newmedia installation)
AGB Events - Giles Westley (projection design mentor and Cairns Festival associate artist)
Lou Van Rixoort | Rose Milledge | Miyako Masaki (additional lightdress)

Cairns Festival | Bonemap

Cairns Regional Council | James Cook University

photographic documentation: Frei Films

Video documentation:

projection of Indigenous animation across Lake Placid near Cairns