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By Bonemap

KickArts Contemporary Arts, JCU School of Creative Arts and Bonemap present ‘Cove' in the JUTE Theatre, Thursday 29 & 30 April and Saturday 1st May 2010, 10:00 – 17:00hrs
Admission FREE, but reservation required:

Cove is a unique contemporary art work by the acclaimed intermedia art collective Bonemap. Created as an interactive media arts experience that transforms the interior of the theatre into an immersive space that places the audience at the centre of an imaginary geography. The work uses a topographical metaphor where historical and contemporary art intersect in an expression of new media.

Russell Milledge and Rebecca Youdell of Bonemap have collaborated with sound artist Steven Campbell, computer programmer Jason Holdsworth and other creative artists to construct an innovative new work dealing with the nature of space, the cultural significance and ephemeral quality of light and performance – dancing light.

is a subtle interactive space filled with ephemeral light sources, projection and sound. Ethereal impressions reminiscent of meteorological effects create a transformative environment inhabited by Bonemap performers. Large forms are seamlessly integrated into the work as both sculptural elements and projection surfaces. Through the reinterpretation and creative visualisation of ancient landmass and fleeting atmospheric effects the work represents the sanctuary of a ‘cove’. Sculptural representations of sea passages and landing sites integrate with media and performance to complete the immersive quality of the installation.

Cove acknowledges the support of a Creative Arts Research Grant and a Faculty Research Grant through the Faculty of Law, Business and Creative Arts, James Cook University. Further support from KickArts Contemporary Arts has allowed the work to be presented to a public audience in Cairns. Cove follows a decade of collaborative work and furthers the themes and ideas of ‘The Exquisite Resonance of Memory’, produced at KickArts in 2008.

Russell Milledge
says, ‘Cove is a new work that takes the relationship of sculpture and performance to a new level by engaging an infrared tracking system allowing the audience’s movements to interact with projected light in the space. While the research funding for this work has focused on technical innovation, audiences entering the work will be navigating their way through sculptural vapour screens, engaging dance performance and spatial surround sound.’
The KickArts Galleries and the JUTE Theatre are at the Centre of Contemporary Arts, 96 Abbott Street, Cairns. The galleries are open from 10am until 5pm Tuesdays to Saturdays and entry is free.
Media Enquiries
KickArts: Angela Landsdown Marketing Manager Ph: 4050 9494