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BONEMAP - the wild edge
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Bonemaps 'the wild edge' is a site-specific artwork emphasising the ephemeral body via the social and natural landscape.

Audiences engage with the artists interpretation of contrasts between the tropical Australian environment and the ‘wild edge’ of urban and built spaces which we inhabit.

Bonemap explores relationships of the moment, the body and notations of identity and place. Performance, multimedia, exhibition, installation and sound composition merge into a fusion and fluctuation of processes, rich expression and audience experience.

Devised as discrete modules of performance, dance video, photographic and object based exhibition, audio CD and temporary sculptural treatments of environmental locations. The artists unleash their obsession with multidisciplinary artistic relationships in a layered and meaningful rapport with the world around them.

"Bonemap is an essential component of l'attitude 27.5° a partnership between Brisbane Powerhouse, Ausdance (QLD) and MAAP (Multimedia Arts Asia Pacific), I am indeed excited at the prospect of having Bonemap presented at the Brisbane Powerhouse" said Zane Trow - Director of Australia's newest centre for the contemporary live arts.

"Bonemap is now firmly scheduled in Umbrella Studio's public program for 2000. The presentation on Magnetic Island and the Victoria Bridge will be one of Umbrella Studio's major contributions to innovative cultural activities in Townsville during 2000" said Robert Barton - Director of Townsville's contemporary art centre.

"Plans to take the Bonemap product internationally via the Asia Pacific channels are entirely appropriate." said Julie Chenery - Executive Officer, Australian Dance Council, Ausdance (QLD) Inc.

Participate in the discussion online at the Bonemap website - www.bonemap.com
There is also a selection of limited edition merchandising available through the website and opportunities for free tickets and giveaways.

The principle artists Russell Milledge, Glen O'Malley, Rebecca Youdell, Michael Whiticker and Paul Lawrence have teamed up with Singapore artist Lee Wen. Exciting workshops will be open to the public as part of the program in Cairns, Tokyo, Townsville and Brisbane. See the website for more details or send a stamped self addressed envelope to
Bonemap - PO Box 1116 Mareeba QLD 4880 Australia
email: info@bonemap.com

Canberra - Choreographic Centre
Choreographic Fellowship Feb28 - Mar 5
Performances 2 - 4 March

Cairns - Tanks Art Centre
Australian National Dance Week Event
Residency (Tank 5) 13 - 21 May
Performances 18, 19, 20 May

Tokyo - World Dance 2000: Celebrating the Millennium
Conference and Festival July 31 - Aug 5
Asian Next Wave, Theatre Tram, Tokyo

Townsville - Umbrella Studio Association inc.
Exhibition Aug 21 - Sept 3
'Flinders Street West' Performance Aug 25

Townsville - Magnetic Island National Park
'The Forts' Performance Aug 27

Brisbane Powerhouse
l'attitude 27.5° & MAAP Residency 9 - 24 Sept
Exhibition 11 - 24 Sept
Performances 21, 22, 23 Sept

Principal Sponsors: The Australia Council for the Arts, Arts Queensland, The Choreographic Centre.
Major Sponsor: Cairns City Council, Townsville City Council, RADF
Sponsors: Umbrella Studios, Brisbane Powerhouse - Centre for the live arts, Kick Arts Collective, Ausdance (QLD).
Endorsements: North Queensland Xray Services


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