Bonemap is a creative business partnership between artists Rebecca Youdell and Russell Milledge. Working together for over a decade, they have facilitated teams within collaborative projects focusing on the expanding territory of intermediality. Project highlights have included tours to Singapore, Wales and Japan along with public and community based commissions. Bonemap has a commitment to developing seminal artistic experiences in regional and remote areas of Australia.

A mesh of hybrid sensory processes and conceptual visual communication, over-arched by an ecological and experimental philosophy informs Bonemap's approach to making art. The context of their creative practice is interdisciplinary, often engaged in the spatial logic of choreography and scenography. The extension of traditional material practice within a matrix of medial interactions and interpenetrations positions the practice at the interstice of expressive platforms. Sculpture, sound, dance and media are some of the segments associated with traditional production techniques for which the team is versed.

Recent projects have included producing mixed-reality interfaces, computer vision systems, networked performances, Wi-Fi and sensor environments for visual and performing arts. Since 1998, Bonemap have regularly presented and toured contemporary intermedial productions, from home base in far northern Australia. They have co-produced the New Move Network 2011 – 2015, the OnEdge media and performance festival 2005 – 2009, and have been commissioned for permanent public art works installed within architectural spaces, along with ephemeral community events and site-specific installations.

Rebecca Youdell is a leading interdisciplinary practitioner born in Edinburgh, Scotland. Studying movement in Australia, USA and UK attending the Royal Ballet School in London, and working with the Royal Swedish Ballet Company in Stockholm, she holds a BFA (Dance) - cum laude high honours from Butler University (USA) 1992, an MA (Visual/Performing Arts) from Charles Sturt University (Aus) 1998 and is a Fellowship recipient of The Australian Choreographic Centre. Rebecca has toured and performed work in the USA, UK, Scandinavia, Asia and Europe and received numerous awards both in Australia and overseas.

Russell Milledge has received national awards in performing arts, media and visual arts. He has a Masters from Queensland University of Technology (QUT) and a PhD from James Cook University (JCU). Currently he is a Research Fellow within the Cairns Institute, a member of the Tropical Urban Design (TUD) and Social Enterprise in the Tropics (SENT) cluster groups at JCU. His teaching portfolio includes undergraduate media arts and postgraduate creative arts students. Russell has been an Associate Artist with Creative Industries Precincts at QUT and has toured internationally with Bonemap. He is a Founder and previous Director of KickArts Contemporary Arts Ltd at the Centre of Contemporary Arts, Cairns, and has contributed to the organisational and governance as well as creative programs of many contemporary art enterprises in Queendland and Australia.

The collaborators:

Danielle Baccala
Paul Barron
Stephen Barton
Silent Beat
Rigel Best
Ines Blank
Werner Burger
Steven Campbell
George Chua Khim Ser
Clocked Out
Alex Cuffe
Jim Denley
Randall Einhorn
Lawrence English
Mark Edwards
Fez Fa’anana
Lisa Fa’alafi
Brian Fuata
Christian Green
Erik Griswold
Daniel Gorski
Leah Grycewicz
Charmaine Hart
Katherine Hassall
Sue Hayes
Jason Holdsworth
Tai Inoue
Dom Johns
Jess Jones
Sarah Laute
Paul Lawrence
Amanda Le Bon
Natalia Mann
Elise May
Kevin Mayo
Lisa McLymont
Arone Meeks
Nick Mills
Frances Ng
DJ Olive
Glen O’Malley
Maya Poole
Earl Rosas
Zane Saunders
Leah Shelton
Mirindi Shrieber
Masumi Suzaki
Simon Tait
Vanessa Tomlinson
Ivan Thorley
Lim Tzay Cheun
Craig Walsh
Haley Warren
Lee Wen
Simon Whitehead
Michael Whiticker
Chedwa Whyte
David Williams
Christine Williamson